Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Crafty Christmas

I have a few reasons for wanting to give handmade Christmas gifts this year. First and foremost, I have the craft itch. Bad. I'm devouring blog after blog of good project ideas. Second, it's nigh impossible to shop with the twins. Either one baby or the other is screaming our way through the store or they're taking up all the space in the cart (or stroller) leaving little room for my purchases. Third, I think handmade gifts are more memorable and meaningful. You give of yourself when you give a gift made by your own hands.

I made this embroidered heart ornament for my mother-in-law. My parents-in-law's Christmas tree has many homemade ornaments by their three sons. I hope my ornament is given a nice spot on their tree. Maybe even on a branch out in front. Best of all, my mother-in-law witnessed the care and attention I put into the heart as I did a lot of the work at her house last weekend. She even helped me with the french knots. This was my first attempt at embroidery, and I'm overall very pleased with the result. Can I just say that blanket stitch is really cool.

My inspiration came from It has a tutorial for making embroidered felt ornaments. Thanks Sunshine's Creations!

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